Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC-R

If your business relies on industrial refrigeration and commercial HVAC systems, you know the value of dependable service and regular maintenance. Inefficient operation or a total breakdown can cost you thousands of dollars or more in lost inventory and customer dissatisfaction. AMSCO, Inc offers a full range of service and maintenance for your commercial air conditioning, industrial refrigeration and other HVAC-R needs.


Design & Engineering

Offering full MEPR (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and refrigeration) services our team will consult with you to tailor the design of your facility to meet your needs taking into account budget, project objectives, building requirements, energy efficiency, safety, storage capacity and product flow. Every project is unique and throughout pre-construction and the planning process, we’ll consult with you on the best materials for the job utilizing innovative and state-of-the-art solutions.

Construction & Installation

Our installers are specially trained and skilled to work to maintain the highest standards throughout the construction and installation process including programming and testing of all systems.
AMSCO, Inc is the right team for your commercial and industrial HVAC installation and replacement. We work with every brand, so the custom solution installed is the one that’s right for your business and budget. We will ensure your airflow and controls meet the needs of your facility and your people.

Service & Maintenance

From preventative maintenance and minor fixes to emergency repair, AMSCO, Incorporated provides a best-in-class service experience and customer support. Our team of technicians are able to handle a variety of service and maintenance issues including everything from refrigerant conversions to the adjustment of cold case doors, HVAC installations, retro fits, system testing and generator maintenance.
Comprehensive service packages that allow you to design the coverage you need to operate your solution efficiently, minimize downtime and manage costs.

Energy Optimization

Our team performs energy audits, and retro-commissioning, tailored to your specific needs and energy usage goals. Specializing in analyzing, assessing and recommending cost-saving adjustments to ensure the most reliable and efficient performance of your system.

Plumbing & Piping

Reduce costs with a single source for HVAC system design, installation, and project expertise. AMSCO, Inc has the resources and strategic partners including suppliers to maintain plumbing and boiler piping for chilled water mains, cooling towers, and all HVAC systems. From custom fabrication to planned and emergency repair and replacement services, AMSCO, Inc supports the total efficiency of your HVAC system.

Turnkey Service Providers

We provide customized solutions to your facility’s operational challenges and requirements whether new installation or remodeling is needed. Our company will provide you with a high-performance building project that provides efficiency, comfort and reliability.

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