Commercial Lighting

Bringing expertise in a broad range of lighting applications

Our seasoned lighting specialists have the product knowledge, industry experience and understanding of local ordinances to light up your facilities and spaces.

Lighting Solutions


Whether it is a new installation or an upgrade to a busy intersection, we can help you improve road safety with sustainable lighting solutions.

Utility Warehouse

We have hands-on experience of equipping utility warehouses and buildings with lighting fixtures that prioritize the well-being of your personnel.

Decorative - Municipal

Revitalize your downtown, illuminate waterfronts and energize your city’s events with decorative pole lights and fixtures that are easy on the eye.


Decorative - Residential Communities

We offer a variety of energy-efficient luminaires to brighten your residential streets, pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths and courtyards.


Parking Lots

Increase the safety of your parking lots with LED lights that give you more control and energy savings than traditional lighting.


Recreational Fields

Industrial & Commercial

Our qualified team will help you find the right lighting solutions for your industrial, commercial or municipal project.  From design to installation, AMSCO brings the expertise to provide lighting solutions.

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